Samsung dvd-r130k инструкция

samsung dvd-r130k инструкция
Press the OK button when the desired scene appears. Page 72: Deleting A Section Of A Title With DVD-R, titles are only deleted from ■ the menu however, the Title remains physically on the disc. — English Deleting a Section of a Title Follow these instructions to delete a section of a Title List entry. The Component connection provides the best picture from the DVD player.

Step 4… Page 11: Unpacking, Accessories, Preparing The Remote Control, Setting The Remote Control Instruction Manual Control (AAA Size) Quick Guide Preparing the Remote Control Install Batteries in the Remote Control Open the battery cover on the back of the remote ● control. Page 45: Mpeg4 Playback MPEG4 Playback MPEG4 Play Function AVI files are used to contain audio and video data. Using the AUDIO button (DVD/CD/MPEG4) During play, press the AUDIO button. Information concerning the external input mode is displayed on the screen, then recording begins.

Press the ENTER button to begin playback of the song file. Deleting a Playlist Entry from… Page 82: Disc Manager, Editing The Disc Name Disc Manager Editing the Disc Name Follow these instructions to give a name to a disc. Page 68 5. Recording length (i.e., the playing time) 6. Title list edit items Play: Plays the selected entry. The selected entry (title) will be played back. √ √ Play To view the current status of the disc and progress of playback : Press the INFO button, the information about the disc will appear.

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