Инструкция к рации motorola t-50

инструкция к рации motorola t-50
All plastic surfaces and all other externally exposed parts that are scratched or damaged due to normal use. The radio can receive transmissions in this mode. button to enter Select Menu. Indicates that the battery is fully charged. To select a call tone: Blinks when battery is low; charge the radio or replace batteries 1. SEL/ immediately. 2. or 3. Exit the Select Menu. To transmit a call tone, press the Press the PTT button to cancel the call tone.

Motorola Solutions Consumer Two-Way Radios TLKR T50 | 1 downloadable files 5 Call toneUp to 6 km range (subject to terrain and conditions)Ideal for leisure activities Enjoy the great outdoors and stay connected with the tough and stylish TLKR T50 walkie talkie radio. You can find the appropriate sensitivity level by speaking into the microphone. If the flashes, your voice is accepted. Key Lock Press and hold SEL/ Press and hold SEL/ keypad. LCD Backlight The LCD display will automatically illuminate for 10 seconds after any button is pressed (except for PTT). button to enter Select Menu.

Please return your radio to your dealer or retailer to claim your warranty service. blinks. Do not return your radio to Motorola. In order to be eligible to receive warranty service, you must present your receipt of purchase or a comparable substitute proof of purchase bearing the date of purchase. Breakage or damage to aerials unless caused directly by defects in material or workmanship. Продавец этого товара 248946 147 человек добавили в После просмотра этой модели чаще всего покупают:.

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