Motorola мс-1000 инструкция

The above information is offered on an “as is” basis, and does not constitute business, legal,… Page 65 Glossary API. An interface by means of which one software component communicates with or controls another. Page 29 Getting Started 1 — 13 Slip End Through Loop Figure 1-17 Slide the Velcro end through the clip. Instruction set[edit] The designers attempted to make the assembly language orthogonal. This includes instructions for powering on and resetting the mobile computer, entering and capturing data. • Chapter 3, Accessories, describes the accessories available for the mobile computer and how to use the accessories with the mobile computer. Page 67 Glossary — 3 Code 128. A high density symbology which allows the controller to encode all 128 ASCII characters without adding extra symbol elements. The 683XX microcontrollers, based on the 68000-architecture, are used in networking and telecom equipment, television set-top boxes, laboratory and medical instruments, and even handheld calculators.

Page 40 2 — 10 MC1000 with Windows CE 5.0 User Guide Scanning Figure 2-7 NOTE Do not cover the scan window with your finger. The display is off in suspend state and it is on in resume state. The first vector (RESET) consists of 2 vectors, namely the starting stack address, and the starting code address. Helix Systems (in Missouri, United States) designed an extension to the SWTPC SS-50 bus, the SS-64, and produced systems built around the 68008 processor. Page 21: Aaa Battery Installation, Battery Charging Getting Started 1 — 5 AAA Battery Installation To install the AAA batteries: Pull back the two battery door latches. Press F — CTRL — F — ESC to launch the Start menu.
Page 70 Misread (Misdecode). A condition which occurs when the data output of a reader or interface controller does not agree with the data encoded within a bar code symbol. Functions as an ESC key when used with the blue F key. Page 34 2 — 4 MC1000 with Windows CE 5.0 User Guide Key Combinations The mobile computer uses special key combinations to easily navigate applications.

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