Airtester hp инструкция

airtester hp инструкция
PRODUCTS & SECTORSWelcome to BAUER BAUER has been manufacturing high pressure compressors for over 70 years. When you get to the desktop, tap the Chrome icon to open Chrome. In the URL bar, enter chrome://extensions. In conjunction with Airtester HP [high pressure 200 bar and 300 bar] or Airtester MP [medium pressure up to 10 bar; 145 psi] the HP and MP Detector Tubes are used to monitor the purity of breathing air as supplied from compressors, pressure cylinders or medium pressure air lines.

The extended version Multitest Plus-HP has a high pressure gauge additional. Mark the Permanently keep this device in kiosk mode checkbox. Our entire range of products is stringently tested on various parameters such as performance, construction and accuracy thus to ensure zero defect delivery to the clients.

Links to this information are at the end of this section. The Sign in screen appears. In the Sign In screen, press Ctrl + Alt + K. The Automatic Kiosk Mode screen appears with a yellow exclamation mark. Flammable gas sensors, Thermal Conductivity Detectors and electrochemical gas sensors for several of the toxic gases.

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