Panasonic aghpx500 инструкция

panasonic aghpx500 инструкция
Page 10 Recording and Playback Features ■A variety of interfaces The AG-HPX500P/E can record 48 kHz/16-bit uncompressed high-quality digital audio in all formats. Each camcorder also features an accessory shoe. It is built in on the HDC-HS300 but is an attachable accessory on the HDC-TM300. Reviews: HDC-HS200, HDC-SD200[edit] These are lower cost versions of the HDC-HS300 and HDC-TM300 respectively. The menu settings contain both the user file settings SW MODE and the scene file settings. The HDC-SD100 recorded to a removable SDHC memory card only, while the HDC-HS100 was also capable of recording onto a built-in 60GB hard disk drive. Reviews: HC-X900, HC-X900M[edit] Panasonic’s 2012 camcorders succeed the previous year’s range, once again with very little change.[27] A hard disc option has been dropped from the range. They retain the same 3xCMOS 1/4.1 inch sensor, EVF and lens.

Video is recorded onto a Secure Digital card in 720p, 1080i and 1080p formats with data rate up to 24 Mbit/s. The AG-HMC40 includes an automatic built-in neutral density (ND) filter. Reviews: HDC-SX5, HDC-SD5, HDC-SD7[edit] The HDC-SX5, the HDC-SD5 and the HDC-SD7 represented the second generation of Panasonic AVCHD camcorders. Page 131: Procedures For Establishing A Connection With A Pc • The camera supports USB cable lengths up to first time, install the accessory P2 software for AG- 5 meters. The LCD touchscreen is slightly larger with an increase in resolution. For details on menu operation, refer to [Using For details on menu operation, refer to [Using the menus] (page 116). Page 97 Initializing CAC File (Returning Data to Their Factory Defaults) Open the setting menu LENS SETUP screen. There are more focus assist options, including focus assist bar and focus assist graph.

From that experience we understand what you need in a wholesale company, and what you do not. The camcorder is popular with independent and professional film and television companies. Interlaced video was the main recording format for both camcorders, though there was an option of recording progressive video. DWP Rents is your trusted resource for quality video equipment and event production rentals. The 50 Hz versions were capable of shooting 25-frame/s progressive video, recording it within interlaced stream using progressive segmented frame technique. Turn the viewfinder securing screw counterclockwise, slide the viewfinder in the direction of the arrow and remove it.

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