Gorenje ect 350 c инструкция

gorenje ect 350 c инструкция
The latest Gorenje cooking appliances, as well as saving time, can save up to 25% of energy costs when compared to older appliances. You get a better view and better access to the fridge. Прежде всего отметим, что Samsung RB31FERNDWW оборудован специальной системой многопотокового распределения холодного воздуха Multi Flow и полной поддержкой современной технологии No Frost.

GorenjeКоротко о товареэлектрическая варочная панельстеклокерамическая поверхностькерамические конфоркипереключатели сенсорныекнопочноезащита от детейиндикатор остаточного тепланезависимая установкагабариты (ШхГ) 30×51 290 руб., завтраСамовывоз12 140 руб. StayWarm, keeping dishes warm at exactly the right temperature Setting the temperature between 65 and 90 °C allows you keep the food at the desired temperature for up to two hours. После введите номер товарно-транспортной накладной, высланной Вам в SMS. DirecTOUCH, perfect results at your fingertips This innovative patented electronic programme module has revolutionised the touch-screen operation of the next generation of Gorenje hobs and built-in ovens.

Steamer sets can be purchased separately and can be used in all recent Gorenje single ovens.* Glass baking pan Baking pan made of quality glass is large enough for enjoying in everyday cooking delights; however, it is especially distinguished on special occasions. Coupled with an all-glass oven door this feature ensures a significantly better view of the interior, making it easy for you to supervise the cooking process from a safe distance. You can wash them by hand or in a dishwasher using a ‘gentle wash’ programme. The ergonomic position of the operating panel ensures a perfect overview and control over your hob. Open wide The special hinge also allows you to open the door of your fridge up to 115 degrees – wider than ever before. Offering a best in class A+ energy rating, both cooling models consume up to 20% less energy than previous models.

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