Инструкция по съемке canon

инструкция по съемке canon
Did you get the picture what you were longing for?! Congratulations! on your very first photograph using manual mode. Using these techniques should give you a better chance of capturing any fast-moving subject, but action-shooting strategies also are helpful for shooting candid portraits of kids and pets. Turn on the camera if you have not done it already and point it towards a subject/object which has sufficient amount of light. Raising the ISO increases the possibility of noise, but a noisy shot is better than a blurry shot. Press on Quick mode button and use the right arrow to move to Aperture setting (the F number). Choose the minimum Aperture value for your lens. If ISO value is 100, which is the least value, then you are good.

Anyway… The Great Flaw of Shooting “Icon Modes” on Your Camera Icon modes highlighted in red. Program Mode (P) Just trust me on this one–you don’t want to use it–ever. Anything that requires a creative angle, focal point or shot. The camera doesn’t know your intentions with this portrait, so half of the group looks blurry. You have taken control of your camera, there is no turning back from here.

This will show up as a flashing warning in your viewfinder. I’ll give you an example for both Aperture and Shutter modes. Raise the ISO setting or add flash to produce a brighter exposure, if needed. In dim lighting, you may not be able to create a good exposure at your chosen shutter speed without taking this step. Lower shutter speeds let in more light, but make your image susceptible to blur and requires a steady hand or tripod. Shutter priority: (S on Nikon, Tv on Canon) this mode once again puts you in control of two of the three exposure settings, this time it is ISO and shutter speed. Keep turning the dial in counter-clockwise direction until the blinking indicator hits the center (0 marking) of the dotted line.

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