Инструкция на русском canon eos rebel t3

инструкция на русском canon eos rebel t3
The second option is similar, except that the LCD won’t turn back on until the display button is pressed. The EOS 1000D (Rebel XS) has the 7-point AF system of most older Canon DSLRs. The EOS 7D, released in 2009, has a 19-point AF layout, fitting essentially within the same diamond-shaped area of the frame as the nine-point layout. 1 Screw the adapter onto the M42 lens.

Approx. 7.0fps. (speed maintained for minimum of approx. 40 images (JPEG), 15 images (RAW)Max. The Canon T3’s built-in flash is automatically disabled, even if it’s already raised. Image Review -Off-2 sec.-4 sec.-8 sec.-Hold If off, the camera does not display the captured image after capture, otherwise the image appears for the designated time. Ctrl Over HDMI — Disable- Enable If enabled, certain playback functions of the Canon T3, such as selecting images and initiating a slideshow, can be controlled using the remote control of an attached HDMI CEC-compatible display. The only exception might be a few superwide lenses which require the camera mirror to be locked up for use.

Playback Menu 2: Playback Menu Options: Screen 2 Top-LevelSelection Second-Level Third-Level Notes Histogram -Brightness-RGB RGB option displays individual histograms for each color channel, brightness shows only a single graph. Quick control dial[edit] Rear view of Canon 60D featuring quick control dial to the right of the LCD screen. Grid display — Off- Grid 1 (3×3)- Grid 2 (6×4) Allows one of two different grids to be overlaid on the LCD before movie recording, to aid in precise alignment. (The 3×3 grid would also be useful in rule-of-thirds composition). The grids disappear as soon as movie recording starts.

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