Инструкция alcatel onetouch 818

инструкция alcatel onetouch 818
Add an attachment to send an MMS message If you want to add an attachment, such as a picture, video or sound recording, tap the paper clip to the left of the text entry box. Set up a Google account on your phone We covered setting up a Google account in the initial setup, but if you didn’t complete it then you can add one now. Awards[edit] In 2012, Alcatel won an International Forum Design iF design award for its One Touch 818 and the Onetouch 355 Play models.[5] The first Alcatel phone was the OT Easy HF. It was released in 1998[citation needed], and had a battery standby life of up to 140 hours. Finally, insert the battery (making sure the contacts line up correctly) then replace the phone’s back cover, pressing it down carefully around the edge to secure it onto the body of the handset.

From the home screen, tap the Apps icon to open the Apps tray. You’ll see a message telling you that your launcher screen will need permission to access information on the phone. Follow our guide below to start receiving your emails on your new smart phone! Полного соответствия полей в старом и новом аппаратах можно достичь лишь при минимальном количестве полей в записи.

This gives you access to all the apps on your new phone, as well as the settings menus. It looks like a grid of small squares, and is in the centre of the bottom row of icons on the screen. Дополнительно, необходимо пояснить: файл contact.cdb скопированный из ОС смартфона, можно изменять и редактировать. Tap the down arrow again to see the final option. Agent tip Connect to Wi-Fi if you’re adding lots of attachments. You will then see a list of all the network settings that the Pop 4 can pull from the SIM card. Особенно удобно передавать контакты VCard с телефона Alcatel на другой телефон через Bluetooth.

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