Инструкция для фотоаппарата samsung digimax a402

инструкция для фотоаппарата samsung digimax a402
Movie clips and voice files cannot be printed. Варна, Христо Ботев 22 май 49 лв. гр. Sub menu Camera working mode SINGLE 2, 4, 8 SHOTS NORMAL B&W SEPIA SOFT NORMAL VIVID… Page 36 How to use the menu 1. Turn on the camera and press the MENU button. A menu for each camera mode appears. Releasing ZOOM T button stops the digital zooming at the required setting. This manual will guide you through using the camera, including capturing images, downloading images and using the software applications.

File name ■ This function allows the user to select the file naming format. ● Assigning File Names 1. In any mode with the exception of Voice Recording mode, press the MENU button. Page 29: Menu/ Ok Button MENU/ OK button — When you press the MENU button, a menu related to each camera mode will be displayed on the LCD monitor. The USB menu must be set to [PRINTER] before you connect the camera to the printer.(See p.63) 2. Use the LEFT and RIGHT buttons to select the [PRINT] menu tab.

Page 57: Resize Resize ■ Change the resolution (size) of pictures taken. Page 103: Using Photoimpression Using PhotoImpression With PhotoImpression, you can edit or store still images that you downloaded from the camera. Page 48 Thumbnail( ● The maximum enlargement rate in proportion to the image size. Page 8: System Chart System chart Please check that you have the correct contents before using this product. To buy the optional equipment, contact your nearest Samsung dealer or Samsung service centre. Page 47 Using the camera buttons to adjust the camera ■ In Play mode, you can use the buttons on the camera to conveniently set up the Play mode functions. You cannot check the sharpness effect on the LCD monitor before you take a picture, because this function is applied only when the captured image is stored on the memory.

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