Eos 100d инструкция видео

eos 100d инструкция видео
Sure, there is a Sports scene mode, but once again, you have more control over how you depict a moving object when you master Shutter Priority mode. Unlike the more expensive 700D model, only the centre sensor is a cross-type, rather than all of them. Though not a Vari-angle implementation of this LCD, it is superb to use. The f/5.6 max-aperture-compatible center AF point is a cross-type (with extra sensitivity at f/2.8). The cross-type AF points are sensitive to lines of contrast in two directions instead of one.

Weight 14.245 oz. (403.9g), actual measured with card and battery, which is less than the rated 14.38 oz. (408 g), stripped. When you use the pop-up flash, though, you run the risk of creating images of people with red-eye and dark backgrounds. The Video Snapshot feature allows short clips of 2, 4 or 8 sec to be merged into a single movie file, for footage that is short, easy to edit and of similar lengths to the clips used in most TV programmes. Let’s take a look at its Image Quality next. This is the same tiny battery (with the same small direct-plug-in charger) utilized by the EOS M. I have not tested the number of shots available in a fully charged battery (I had too much battery swapping and charging going on), but Canon’s 480 shot rating seems in line.

From the top perspective, the difference in grip shape and shutter release position can be seen. Live view won’t cancel automatically as your eye is brought to the finder. The 100D fits the bill in every way.

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