Casio 1331 инструкция

casio 1331 инструкция
Доступность продуктов и опций Обратите внимание, что продукты и опции, описанные в инструкциях, предоставляемых на данном сайте, могут быть долее не доступны, в связи с прекращением производства. Scanning PLU file full The designated item has already existed in the scanning PLU file. The test will not be performed, however, in the area where performing this test affects the operation. Как найти нужную инструкцию Инструкции к наручным часам Casio называются по модулю часов. Press C and check the appropriate section of this manual for the operation you want to perform. Attempt made to register an item without inputting a table number.

The printing order is in the order of the character code. Screw Screws —… Page 12 5. Lift the upper case block and then remove 3 FPCs. Hooks Hooks Hooks FPC (KEY) FPC (Pop-up displasy) Assembling Point: Be sure to insert the FPC securely by holding it with both hands or, if holding it with one hand, holding by its center. When this happens, you can usually find out what the problem is as illustrated below. Press ST key Finalization of a transaction attempted without confirming the subtotal. Screws 5. Loosen the screw and change the orientation of the plate. 6. Remove the main PCB. 7. Remove a screw.

Screws FPCs 3. Remove the FPC and 5 connectors. Enter tendered amount Finalize operation attempted without entering amount tender. Drawer Battery Motor Power LCD Assembling Point: Run the power cable and the motor wires through the groove on the case. — 13 — COM Port 4. Remove 3 screws. The printing specification is reflected in 1/2 line and the only specified number of dot lines are printed in all dots from the 1 dot line. Screws 14. Remove 2 screws and then the Motor assy. Switch to another mode and then back to the RF mode for the next transaction.

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