Mkvtoolnix инструкция

mkvtoolnix инструкция
Browse (1) and select the BDMV folder in your Blu-ray disc. Turn off the compression for an input file. $ mkvmerge -o no-compression.mkv —compression -1:none MyMovie.avi —compression -1:none Some of the options for mkvmerge(1) need a track ID to specify which track they should be applied to. Теперь для пущей уверенности прослушайте дорожку в нескольких местах — если у Вас все получилось, то вы не услышите ни малейшего рассинхрона, все будет звук-в-звук. This will only work for source files that provide language tags for their tracks. If the IDs are prefixed with ! then the meaning is reversed: copy all tracks of this kind but the ones listed after the !. -b, —button-tracks [!]n,m,… Copy the button tracks n, m etc. Each spec contains four IDs: a file ID, a track ID, a second file ID and a second track ID. The first pair, «source file ID» and «source track ID», identifies the track that is to be appended.

3. На вкладке Video выбираем пункт Direct stream copy. Click on the links to download them straight from our downloads database. tsMuxeR 1.10.6 BDInfo 0.5.6 mkvtoolnix 4.5.0 Step 1 Before you start processing your disc you need to use an unlocking software to circumvent the Blu-ray’s protection. I really suggest you let AnyDVD HD do that job. The output will be translated into the language mkvmerge(1) uses (see also —ui-language). The verbose-text format extends the text format with additional properties for each item. Пример частотного диапазона для битрейтов 160 кбит/с -> ~15800 Гц.

They’re not simply the track numbers (see section track IDs). Default: copy all audio tracks. Matroska(tm) supports an extensive set of tags that is deprecated and a new, simpler system like it is is used in most other containers: KEY=VALUE. However, in Matroska(tm) these tags can also be nested, and both the KEY and the VALUE are elements of their own. Fixes #1311. MKVToolNix GUI: merge tool bug fix: fixed the –append-to calculation if more than one file has been appended. TrueHD decoding can be achieved through: Both decode bit perfect.

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