Диктофон олимпус 3600 инструкция

диктофон олимпус 3600 инструкция
При разряде и зарядке током 500мА почти не нагревается. The DM-10 is perfectly suited to meet varying professional needs. The optional AS-3000 transcription kit (DSS Player Pro transcription module with foot switch and headset) can further streamline this process. You have the right to use this technical information subject to the terms of the License Agreement that you received with the product this information pertains to.

Хит! 32 Код товара: 88067 Аккумулятор Robiton AAA 1100mAh (уп 2шт) Совместимость: AAA Емкость: 1100 mAh Кол-во в упаковке: 2 шт. You can easily attach voice files to e-mails or forward them to others for transcription. Product Description «It’s a sleek, powerful business tool that doesn’t slow down after hours. Популярный отзыв: «Самые дешевые, большая ёмкость.» подробнее Хит! 40 Код товара: 58581 Аккумулятор VARTA AAA 1000 mAh R2U (уп 2 шт) Совместимость: AAA Емкость: 1000 mAh Кол-во в упаковке: 2 шт. Конечно можно и что то другое приобр…» подробнее.

You can simply dictate reminders into the DM-10—such as «Time to pick up the kids!»—and assign a time for this message to sound, like an alarm clock’s buzzer. The DM-10 also lets you set up to 16 index marks per message, during recording and during playback. What’s in the BoxVoice recorder, docking station, USB cable, stereo ear bud headphones, CD-ROM, a user’s manual, and warranty information. Measuring a mere 4.31 x 1.56 x 0.6 inches (H x W x D) and weighing in at a mere 3 ounces, the attractive and ergonomic DM-10 fits comfortably in the hand of the on-the-go professional or exercise enthusiast.

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