Massager dr-3000 — инструкция по применению

massager dr-3000 - инструкция по применению
This would be a scientifically documented — from the medical literature — therapy for a variety of conditions: cardiovascular, allergies, infections, malabsorption, (see index), and even AIDS, for which prescription drugs may be hazardous. The Vitamin C relieves the pressure on the vessels so the nutrient—including B1—can nourish the cells properly. He reports the case of a five year-old girl with paralysis of both legs accompanied by knee and back pain. Five grains of aspirin will not relieve kidney colic; don’t expect control of a virus with 100 to 400 mg of C.” Dosage The amount of C depends upon the severity of the disease but also upon the efficiency of the victim’s immune system. Двойное воздействие Массажер осуществляет воздействие сразу на обе стопы, что максимально расслабляет и одновременно возвращает организм в тонус.

This all makes sense as “the main pathway of cholesterol catabolism is in conversion to bile salts.” Vitamin C aids in the enzymatic conversion. Herpes Simplex & Zoster Adenosine, 400 mg is given intramuscularly upon diagnosis. The initial dose administered by needle is no less than 250 mg per kilogram of body weight. Pyridoxine, 500 mg is given every six hours. 40 grams of C intravenously will detoxify the patient. The PABA was stopped after two days to see the effect; in 36 hours the fever was back up to 101°. The sweating recurred. The man was on Antabuse. At one Christmas holiday his “friends” persuaded him to drink with them.

Was it scurvy or polio? He points out the similarities in pathology in the nerve cells of polio and beri-beri (B1 deficiency). He believed this sequence: the virus causes a Vitamin C deficiency which stresses the medulla of the adrenal gland. Purines are formed which are catabolized (broken down) and cannot be used to make more virus nucleic acid. Ten grams a day from age ten years for a lifetime should maintain that advantage. He quotes Shaw who felt that deposits on the teeth represent a pre-scurvy condition and that those so afflicted should be taking 2000 mg a day of C before some nasty virus strikes. Another investigator [Moore] used high intravenous doses of nicotinic acid (B3) in the control of M.S. Dr. Klenner’s protocol for M.G. and M.S. in the 1950’s: Thiamin, (B1), orally: 300 to 500 mg 30 minutes before meals and at bedtime.

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