Инструкция komatsu d10s-1

The best-known maker of bulldozers is probably Caterpillar in the US, which earned its reputation by making tough, durable, reliable machines. Rippers can come singly (single shank) or in groups of two or more (multi shank rippers). Usually, a single shank is preferred for heavy ripping. Another type of bulldozer is the wheeled bulldozer, which generally has four wheels driven by a 4-wheel-drive system and has a hydraulic, articulated steering system. Some are shipped in the United States by railroad flatcars with the blade, push arms and ripper frame removed.

The ripper can be replaced with a multi-shank ripper, allowing the bulldozer to comb the ground. There are three main types of bulldozer blades: a U-blade for pushing and carrying dirt relatively long distances, a straight blade for «knocking down» and spreading piles of dirt, and a brush rake for removing brush and roots. Some lightweight form of bulldozer are commonly used in snow removal and as a tool for preparing winter sports areas for ski and snowboard sports. In an angledozer (image here) the blade can be pushed forward at one end to make it easier to push material away to the side.

Продукция компании продаётся под торговыми марками Caterpillar, CAT, EMD, FG Wilson, MaK, MWM, Perkins, Progress Rail, SEM и Solar Turbines. The blade is mounted forward of the articulation joint, and is hydraulically actuated. The size, durability, reliability, and low operating costs have made the D9 one of the most popular large track-type tractors in the world. The size, power and weight of the larger track-type tractors dictate that they are used primarily for major projects. This article relies largely or entirely on a single source.

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