Инструкция пентакс 645 на русском

инструкция пентакс 645 на русском
Впервые реализована технология дистанционного управления фотоаппаратом посредством специальной карты памяти. The Canon EOS system bodies have no means to do this. Как и у экрана K-5 II, защитное стекло прилегает вплотную к матрице, что позволяет достичь большего контраста. Since a mechanically adapted manual focus lens has no intrinsic electrical coupling to the body, the body doesn’t know it’s there and so with most current EOS bodies the LCD display will readout an aperture of «00». This is normal. don’t worry about it.

This means that lenses that lack the lens information contacts introduced with the KA-mount (Pentax K- and M-series lenses as well as some third-party products) do not support open-aperture metering on these bodies. Для начала необходимо приподнять подпружиненную рукоять рычажка на задней панели, а потом повернуть его против часовой стрелки, что приведёт к «отстреливанию» крышки отсека. Pentax 50mm f1.4 Super-Takumar M42 mount — $75-$125 on eBay(credit: -4.jpg#filelinks) I think the answer is generally no, not unless you have to for reasons of cost or unless you just like playing around with old lenses. Optical quality may not be the highest, but then neither is the cost. More information about the Pentax K Mount’s evolution can be found in this article.

The second article in this series will discuss specific manual focus lens uses and techniques. For astrophotography, you will typically only focus at infinity anyway, so autofocus is wasted. Fun fact, 58mm lenses were easier to calculate manually than 50mm and 55mm lenses, so that was the standard lens.

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