Двр 027 инструкция

The mount was mostly excellent however in the summer heat the screws were loosen and eventually I had to use blue loctite (thread locker) to secure the mount. Translogic has a guide for converting one into a dash cam, but the GoPro’s limitations keep it from providing the convenience you get from a dedicated dash cam. Still, we don’t think it’s worth the high price.The BlackVue’s cam is the most feature-laden one we looked at, but unless you need every single statistic on your driving, the extras seem superfluous to us. Out of the three SD models this is the only one that you are able to manually set the brightness and bring it down to an acceptable level at night. It also has the widest angle out of the three cameras.

The camera is also called the DVR-037 , DVR-007 or sometimes just labeled as Car DVR HD 720p. There is a DVR-047 version which is fake and does not shoot in 720p HD. Note that the 6 LED lights provide no real benefit when used as a dash cam. The original viewing angle is 120 °. Fakes viewing angle ~ 40-60 °. The original has an HDMI output. User Manual The user manual can be downloaded here. Because it has no battery, there’s also no danger of one expanding or exploding in extreme temperatures. Movie Size The native resolution is the number of physical pixels on the device for capturing video, this is also the best resolution to be recording video at. The camera comes with BackVue software, which gives a video editor-style display of the video recordings with a map that pinpoints the location according to the video timeline.We wouldn’t drop that kind of cash yet, especially with the LK-7900 available for cheaper.
Besides its included adapter for the 12-volt plug, you can get it hard-wired to use its motion-detection capability for parking mode. It also comes with audio recording and time/date stamping for the video, all metrics that are relevant in the case of an accident. You couldn’t make out any distinguishing features and there was no way to increase the brightness. You won’t lose any recording time by getting a higher quality camera. That means 720p or 1080p video quality, both of which will let you read license plates and street signs clearly. However, the LK-7900 captures with excellent clarity to work very well as a dash cam. Specifically, the GoPro casing’s design, which keeps the power plug set in the waterproof housing, means that if you want to hook up a permanent power connection to the camera, you need to drill into the housing to keep it plugged in.

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