Nissan qashqai 2010 инструкция

nissan qashqai 2010 инструкция
The disc will be guided automatically into Sets the scroll direction of the … Page 143 Track time → Artist name→ Track title → Album 3. Turn the dial for the preferred AUX SOCKET folder. title→ Track time 4. Press to access the folder. Remember, kids can be pretty brutal, so you’re better checking than regretting it later. Like all modern cars, the QQ gets airbags, air-con, climate control, ESP and power-steering, so you can ride in style and without sweating during those summer months.

There are a good mix of diesel and petrol engine options, including 1.6 and 2.0 sizes in both, as well as a 1.5 litre diesel. Page 30: Seat Belt Maintenance NISSAN dealer or qualified workshop. To adjust, depress the adjustment button as illus- trated and move the shoulder belt anchor to the… Page 31: Pre-tensioner Seat Belt System NISSAN dealer or sioner seat belt need servicing and your vehicle must qualified workshop. The award is yet more recognition of the skill of the British workers who designed, engineered and build the Qashqai. See “Ignition knob warning (Intelligent Key models)” later in this section. Page 101: Bonnet Release However, if the NATS security warning light turns off after the light has remained on for 15 minutes, there is a 10 second time slot to start the engine after the ignition is turned off.

This will cause lever is shifted to R (Reverse), the NISSAN Con- discoloration. To clean the transparent camera nect display automatically changes to the rear- cover, wipe with a cloth dampened with diluted view monitor mode. Trip computer display control* (P. 2-16) See the page number indicated in parentheses for operating details. Check all electrics are working properly, especially the air conditioning. A history lesson… Nissan launched the hard to spell Qashqai in 2007 and it came with a bold statement: «There’s change in the air Thanks to the Nissan Qashqai, something different has arrived. Page 118: How To Adjust The Screen View Monitor, use the settings described in the sepa- colour of the object may differ in a dark location rately provided NISSAN Connect owner’s manual. or at night. Efficiency is good for a crossover, but doesn’t quite offer returns as attractive as the hatchbacks it wants to compete with.

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