Сигнализация конвой инструкция sp-10 led

сигнализация конвой инструкция sp-10 led
Interview information, if it does not lead to an immediate apprehension, is reported by patrol personnel. Ideally, it ensures that all needed intelligence is collected in time to be of use and that all possible sources of intelligence are exploited by appropriate collection agencies. This is particularly true of units defending key or decisive terrain.

Each MAD reviews, evaluates, and adjusts the activity portions. The commander conducting a mobile defense along a linear obstacle normally employs minimal forces along the obstacle as his fixing force. They may prepare and distribute ‘. iterature to support crime prevention campaigns. Location of areas for enemy helicopter and parachute assaults.

Priorities for replenishment are normally ammunition and materials to construct obstacles and defensive positions. Where local authorities fail to cooperate, the commander may appeal to higher authority to negotiate improvement of conditions. The person is not to make any suggestions because they may adversely affect the integrity of the lineup. • Witnesses must be separated before and after any identification of the suspect.

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