Инструкция по установке программ для flex-1500

Правда, недоумение вызывает USB-разъем на передней панели, но это,» вероятно, сделано для удобства использования трансивера с ноутбуком, т.е. в мобильном варианте. These are sent to the radio when the program starts. This problem is based in the radio’s firmware. This prevents the program from controlling the radio split. VFO-B is a virtual VFO as long it isn’t activated.

Если случайно задеть шнур или дернуть за него, то USB-кабель останется на месте. The program forces the radio at startup from Mem/Tune mode in VFO mode to avoid this problem. The RX2 can be programmed to be On all the time. Older models need the Yaesu FIF-232C CAT interface (or compatible). Software handshaking is being used for all models.
Software was tested with COM port settings: 38400, N, 8, 1, DTR=Always Off, RTS=Always Off CW sending Depending on your computer hardware and system DPC latency, users may find that CW generated by the N1MM Logger program or with external devices like WinKey may not be acceptable. Release note PowerSDR-UI is currently at beta status. This is a radio limitation, not a program limitation. It is recommended to use this radio in SO1V or SO2R mode. This only applies to the keys that increment/decrement the current frequency.

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