Озонатор аквамедик инструкция

озонатор аквамедик инструкция
How to optimally accomplish that task without risking the aquarium inhabitants’ or the aquarist’s health, however, is not always obvious. The air flows in one end and out the other, and gets dried while passing through. Will you be going to the Aquarama show in Singapore this year? Figure 1. A schematic of ozone’s use in a typical reef aquarium system. Ozone is an after thought so I never checked to ensure these gaskets were U.V. resistant.

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Many skimmers are not set up to efficiently pass the air over carbon, and high water flow rates can make it difficult to achieve adequate contact with activated carbon. 3. Many skimmers are not designed using materials suitable for prolonged ozone exposure. When you go to the ORP setting it has an option to turn on the pH compensation or to turn it off. Look kind of like mercury drops on top of the rocks. And order the Clown/s from an etailer. A few are listed on the WWM links page. That being said, most guidelines suggest on the order of 0.3 to 0.5 mg O3/hr/gallon of aquarium water. If possible, I would suggest locating the unit above the water’s level where it is being used. Размеры: 19.5 х 9.5 х 10.5 см. В ассортименте имеется Atman HP-1000, одноканальныйСкачать каталог морской аквариумистики Aqua Medic (Аква Медик) на русском языке.

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