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This grinder got a lot of use in the first week because I had a film crew hovering over me for a couple of days, and I had to look busy on camera 🙂 Ditto for a couple of other items being reviewed. All of MACAP’s products are the result of constant refinement in quality and excellence. That’s actually pretty cool and such, but I ask that, if you decide on getting this grinder, remember our sponsor for this review — without their help, chances are we wouldn’t have a test model to sample and evaluate.

The Macap M5 has semi tight «click» positions on its adjustment collar, but I’d like to see them even tighter. My early testing shows that one click results in about a three to four second difference in extraction times — too much for the fine tuning I’ve gotten used to. Programming Dose No.3The timer advances to +/- 0.05 sec. The time will increase when it is turned clockwise and decrease when it is turned anti-clockwise. Lever on the left side keeps from your current grind setting accidentally changing. To change your grind setting hold the lever down and turn the adjustment disc. Macap is a company that’s been making grinders and other food preparation equipment for a long, long time.

Accessories (Related Products) 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful: One of the best! Each time you adjust the grinding (see Grinding Adjustment below), remember not to count the first two double doses because they might contain part of the ground coffee from the previous adjustment operation. The appliance is not waterproof and must be kept well clear of any potential water sprays or very damp areas. Really like this coffee. I found these guys through a friend and their coffees are great. Well constructed and beefy in design.Grinder Body: Extremely heavy for its size, solid and features Macap’s updated logo branding on the back.Doser Assembly: Is actually better than Mazzer Mini’s doser in some aspects. Wholesale: Macap has selected 1st-line Equipment, LLC as direct importers for Macap espresso coffee grinders and professional tampers. If you are interested in distributing / reselling Macap products in North America, please contact us.

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