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Игра в Game Maker строится как набор игровых объектов. За их внешний вид отвечают спрайты, а поведение задаётся путём описания реакций на события. GameMaker: Studio Manual Welcome to the GameMaker: Studio user manual! The engine allows one player at a time, with the screen automatically scrolling in any of the four cardinal directions when the character comes within 1/3 screen width or height of the screen’s edge. Any text after «///» will be shown instead of the default text «Execute a piece of code». If you do this for a script, then the script will be shown in the autocomplete of the editor, so you can show arguments. This programming language gives you much more flexibility and control than the standard actions. Editor Tips The various editors in GameMaker: Studio often have multiple ways to do the same things, or have shortcuts for doing something that would normally require a few clicks.

Интерфейс Game Maker объединяет в себе редакторы спрайтов, объектов, комнат, скриптов, а также тайм-лайнов (последовательностей действий с привязкой по времени), путей (маршрутов) движения и констант. Before getting into specifics, you should be aware that ALT along with the character underlined beside any input space in all windows (for example, ALT + X in the sprite properties window) will jump to that input space and highlight it directly. Larger values correspond to a faster tempo, smaller values to a slower tempo. The tools produce proprietary resources that are compiled together and parsed with RSD’s custom XFERPLAY game engine. Most take the index of the sound as argument. This language we will refer to as GML (the GameMaker Language). In this section we describe the language GML and we give an overview of all the (close to 1000) functions and variables available to control all aspects of your game.

Must lie between 0.01 and 100. Besides midi and wave files (and mp3 file) there is actually a fourth type of file that can be played: direct music files. While we are on the subject of the manual, when searching for something, it is often better to use the «Search» tab, rather than the «Index» tab, as this will give you a wider spread of results, which often compliment and fill out the information you require. You should also know that the manual is also visible on-line from the following URL: Accessibility GameMaker: Studio is built around Delphi code, and while this is not the friendliest of bases to add accessibility options, there are a few things available to you to make your life easier.

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