Vsp-dd-3000 инструкция

Subsequent lines contain address pairs. As many as four address pairs may be specified for various radio combinations. At program start SatPC32 will always use the first address pair. At runtime these radio pairs can be chosen in the SatPC32 Mode menu. Click the «Change/Store Data File» button. In the sub window click the «RX/TX Freq. Click the «Change/Store Data File» button. In the sub window, that will open, click the «Uplink Calibration» button.

The name ‘Standard’ can be replaced by another group name, for instance ‘Weather’ or ‘Amateur’. e. TX frequency error with the FT-8472 users reported an error regarding the TX frequeny of their FT-847. While steering the radio by SatPC32 the TX frequency jumped to a value outside the band. Therefore, Doppler shift has to be calculated for the operational frequency at the satellite. In order for SatPC32 to make these calculations correctly it must know the offset frequency (sometimes called the local oscillator) against which the transverter or downconverter signal is being mixed. Therefore no frequency entries that come with the program will immediately match all rigs.
Как показала практика, даже дорогостоящие курсы могут дать на выходе ноль. The SatPC32 CAT functions, however, will allow you to find your signal very easily. The port numbers 1 — 16 (or at least most of them) will be marked as «in use». Only the ports listed in the Device Manager are actually in use, however. You may watch the change in the CAT menu frequency list. g. With these modifications the frequency entries in the Doppler.SQF file are optimally calibrated for AO-40 operation at future program starts.

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