Инструкция на vexilar fl-18 ultra pack tri-beam

инструкция на vexilar fl-18 ultra pack tri-beam
This model uses Velcro panels to enclose the system. Cast it or troll it. \r\n<\/li>

  • Transducer: Water activated transmitter \r\n<\/li>
  • Max depth range: 120 feet \r\n<\/li>
  • Sonar frequency: 125 kHz Single Beam, 30 Degree \r\n<\/li>
  • Power source: 3.7V rechargeable battery. Cost could vary from $30.00 to $115.00 in most cases. You don\u2019t need cell phone coverage to use it, the SonarPhone will work anywhere in the world. Simply unplug your transducer from the back of your Vexilar and plug into the DD-100 connector.

    Service time generally runs about 5 working days Resetting the T-BOX: When the system is ON, press the ON/OFF switch three times, quickly within 3 seconds. Now the name and password will be back to factory default: 12345678. At Vexilar, Customer service is critical to everyone who needs it.Click herefor all contact options. We have plenty of humans, eager to help. Vexilar develops the DD-100, a digital depth display accessory for all FL series flashers. Note, with some batteries, the very top rating for a charged battery (12.7 volts) or 100% rating will not stay at 100% even though it might be fully charged. The new flat screen casing sports a larger size display and brighter LEDs than ever before. The system will then need to be turned off and then re-start.

    Dubbed the Boundary Waters edition, it became popular for serious “expedition anglers” whom had great concern for size and weight. The most common breaking points are right at the transducer itself or by the connector. The Boundary Waters system weighed less than 2-1/2 pounds and ran for 60 hours in one set of AA batteries.Also added to the selection of LCD graph units for the open water was the first ever dual frequency AND dual transducer sonar on the market. Take the other end of the DD-100 and plug it into the back of your Vexilar.

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