Авиатор avw7770g59 инструкция

Базой для часов Авиатор служат российские механизмы, преимущественно хронограф 3133 и его модификации, придающие моделям функциональный и привлекательный вид. До сих пор такие механические хронографы выпускают лишь две страны — Россия и Швейцария. Receive Duty Free At Home, Shop and Save Recommendations from our flight attendants. Look for deals and special offers on our best prices page.Point of Confusion: Buyers are sometimes confused whether a watch is made by Poljot or by Volmax.

They purchased equipment from Poljot and some of their watches use Poljot movements. The unique transparent black dial has a 2-step chronograph 12/24 hour sub-dial, calendar, luminous hands and hour indices. Правда, швейцарские часы схожего класса, например Fortis, стоят раз в 10 дороже отечественных. Высокое качество продукции подчеркивают дорогие коробки и ремешки Hircsh. Designs tend to be strong and functional. If you like diver, aviator or military-style watches, you will probably like Russian watches. For example, see this Vostok Amphibia review or this Raketa 24-hour watch review.
The textured black dial has a 2-step chronograph, calendar and luminous hands. Aviator — F-Series World-Time Chronograph Watch AVW1607G346 The rotating inner bezel enables the reading of the time in 24 cities around the world. The technology allows the watch to communicate with your smartphone and via the in dial LED screen.

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