Мини бумбокс инструкция fq digital speaker

мини бумбокс инструкция fq digital speaker
They can also be used to connect line level devices such as a cassette deck. The recorded waveform can then be re-equalized using an appropriate pre-RIAA or 78 rpm playback EQ curve. Contact us at with the following details indicated in the email so that we can offer you the best assistance quickly. You should not generally connect to the microphone (pink) port or to a sole audio input on the computer. A microphone port will excessively amplify the stronger line-level signals produced by a tape deck or receiver/amplifier.

Product failures caused by modification, repair and disassembly by any person who is not authorized by the manufacturer. With extensive testing and an IPX4 rating, we’ve ensured your speaker will long outlast an accidental showering of water. BATTERY A portable speaker needs impressive battery life. You can connect to two devices—and the speaker remembers the eight most recently connected devices. SPEAKERPHONE You’ve seen it before. This is true even if you use a splitter adapter. Look at the manual for the recorder. On some Macs, or some Windows laptops or desktops, there is a «switchable» single input port which can be toggled to line-level stereo. This method allows you to ‘jump start’ your X-mini Capsule Speaker.

For further information on how to become a retailer of our products, please email us at and our friendly Sales Team will attend to your enquiry. You should see “X-mini KAI” on the list of devices so just proceed to select that. If you do not hear a «beep» sound at the beginning, the product is most probably faulty and will require a replacement. Explore — press Vol- and power button for immediately reset Explore plus — press power and Vol+ button for 10 seconds to reset The reset is to be performed with speaker powered on. However, RF transmission noise from USB can leak backwards into the analog stages and contaminate the analog signal during the sampling process.

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