Mrrebates инструкция

This means that, when the code is used in a transaction, the other site will automatically get credit for your purchase, regardless of whether you clicked through Mr. Rebates before ordering. Payments are made on the beginning of each month for the previous months pay request. Условия по предоставлению скидки необходимо смотреть по конкретному магазину, но прежде всего — необходимо пройти регистрацию на Mr. Rebates, как это сделать — мы расскажем далее в статье. Мне, например, удобно использовать свой кэш для оплаты хостинга этого блога.

There may also be other errors or omissions such as PC issues and other unforeseen issues. If your orders are not appearing in your account on a regular basis, please contact us. Are purchases of gift cards or payment via gift cards eligible for cash back rebates? Will I get a rebate if I pay with a gift card? Each order from a participating store requires a unique click-through from Mr. Rebates. If you are making multiple orders then make sure you have a separate store click for each corresponding order.
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