Инструкция к scetch up

инструкция к scetch up
Then run the installation program on your system. The hierarchy of the SketchUp file is maintain via Unity’s GameObject hierarchy. Clicking the big, fancy button downloads SketchUp Pro. But before you read all those pages of legalese, rest assured that nothing unusual was in the terms at the time of this writing. Select Tile from the drop-down menu and apply a tile pattern that you like.

SketchUp Materials and Textures foldersThe textures imported from the SketchUp file will maintain its original filename when it is imported into Unity. When the On Ground checkbox is selected, your geometry can cast shadows on the ground plane. Most of the menu items are links to web-based resources. When the process is complete, you see a message: «Completed the Google SketchUp Setup Wizard».Click Finish.The installer closes and SketchUp is ready to run. On your desktop, you’ll find a shortcut to run the program.

Instance Method Summary # collapse Methods inherited from Entity #attribute_dictionaries, #attribute_dictionary, #delete_attribute, #deleted?, #entityID, #get_attribute, #inspect, #model, #parent, #persistent_id, #set_attribute, #to_s, #typename, #valid? Without clicking or selecting anything, simply type 6’ and press Enter. Working in SketchUp is much easier with a scroll-wheel mouse. You can drag the shortcut to Windows’ Quick Launch toolbar, making it easy to start the application in the future.TipIf you purchase SketchUp Pro, there’s an extra step. Tip: No matter what tool is selected, holding down the scroll wheel activates the Orbit tool until you release the scroll wheel. In the Getting Started toolbar, click the Paint Bucket tool (). In the Materials dialog box that appears, select Colors from the drop-down menu, as shown here.

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